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Position papers


Our newest position paper on peace was one of the main outputs of the work plan we run in 2018. The work plan focus on the promotion and maintenance of peace and the Position Paper reflects out commitment to build a world in which everybody feels safe, is equal before the law is able to participate in decision-making.

We want peace! We believe that peace can be realized! We are ready to make our contribution and inspire others with this great vision!



The position paper on extremism and radicalization was adopted by our European Coordinators in April 2018, during the Annual European Coordinators’ Meeting. The paper reflects the conclusions of our activities in 2017, especially the results of the two international activities: a seminar and a study visit with debates, discussions and workshops. It is created by young people from eleven different youth movements from all over Europe representing and exchanging the realities in their countries.

2018_Position Paper on Extremism_MIJARC Europe


After working for one year on the topic of climate change, a position paper on the topic was released. The proposal will be discussed at our OGA, which takes place in Mainz – Germany between 22nd – 23rd July 2017.

2017 – World Climate Challenge – A sustainable future for youth in rural areas


In 2016, the GA adopted a position paper on youth employment which is based on the work done during the international seminar and the international training course held in 2015. Still a hot topic today, youth unemployment, especially in rural areas, is a priority for MIJARC Europe.

2016 – Let us in! Keep the faith in youth!


As a response to the migration crisis in Europe and the unfair treatment of people who are migrating, the member movements of MIJARC Europe worked together to define their position. This paper addresses politicians, men, women and all the population an invites all of us to rethink the policies towards migrants.

2015 – Welcome in Europe – our responsibility for asylum seekers


KLJB Germany and MRJC France prepared a document “Rethink TTIP – democracy going astray” which expresses the position of MIJARC Europe and its member movements to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The position paper was adopted by the MIJARC Europe General Assembly on 27th July 2014.

2014 – Rethink TTIP


MIJARC Europe member movements adopted on the 17th March 2013, during the European Coordination meeting in Dachau, a position paper expressing the views, demands and commitments of rural youth from Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania about migration issues, coming out of the conclusion of our seminar “Migration – Challenge for European Rural Development”.

2013 – MIGRATION – a big Challenge for European Youth in rural Development


MIJARC Europe member movements adopted on the 31st March 2012, during the European Coordination meeting, a position paper expressing the views and commitments of rural youth from Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania about specific issues related to Human Rights that were discussed as well together with representatives of youth movements form Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo and Peru, during our seminar ““Think Globally, Act locally: making rural youth promote Human Rights in rural Europe”.

2012 – Rural youth promoting human rights in Europe



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