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23rd June 2020

#GoEAThical – European youth European youth stand up for sustainable food supply chains

In May 2020, MIJARC Europe jointly with other European and Global South partners, have started the #GoEAThical project.

This is a three-year project that will mobilize EU YOUTH to adopt sustainable consumption patterns and to actively support sustainable food supply chains, fair trade relations, respect for human and workers’ rights, and sustainable development through improved institutional and corporate policies at EU and MS level.

During the first period we will focus on the development of a Pan-European YOUTH campaign. With your participation the campaign will reflect on the structures of our food system as key drivers of migration and climate change.

Baseline study on youth consumption patterns
Aug – Sep 2020
August – September 2020
Listening ToursJune 2020 – February 2021
National Youth LabsJune 2020 – July 2021
International Youth LabsOctober 2020 – July 2021
Online contest for selection of best campaign ideaJuly – August 2021

We will ensure YOUTH participation in the design process of the pan-European campaign.

YOUTHLABS will bring together YOUNG Change makers with scientists, experts and specialists on food supply chains/migration/communication and other speakers.

What happened so far?

We have carried out our first National Level YOUTH LAB with young participants in Romania.

Coming soon!!

We are planning our next two National Level YOUTHLABS, they will take place in the upcoming weeks, during the summer. Are you ready to participate? Shortly you will get more information about it.

And here it comes,

our First INTERNATIONAL YOUTHLAB, we are now working on its preparation. It will take place in Autumn.

If the situation with COVID 19 will allow us, we really want organise this even face to face, together with YOU.

See you soon!

and remember… 

“Change for the better and  feel good about it”

This project is co-funded by the European Union

#GoEAThical first national Youth Lab

YouthLabs are participatory activities (online / offline format) to involve YOUNG Europeans in the design process of our pan-European campaign strategy. MIJARC Europe is responsible for organizing, within its network, 3 National Level YouthLabs and 5 International Level YouthLabs. The first national youth lab of our #GoEAThical project was carried out in online format, in […]

#GoEAThical: an online session to involve youth in the campaign strategy

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