International Movement of Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth


There are currently three commission working in MIJARC Europe. They are a supporting body, working on content as a group of experts. In each Commission there can be a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 6 people, representing 3 different countries and minimum 2 different regions (Western and Central-Eastern Europe). The candidates are proposed by the member movements and approved by the European Team. Each Commission is led by one member of the European Team or by a European Coordinator. 

The commissioners support the European Team as experts.  They work and take decisions about the methods to use and how to deal with the topics that are linked to the activities of MIJARC Europe. Each commissioner has a mandate of 2 years. The members of the commissions meet regularly at least once a year. 

1.Commission on agriculture and rural youth
The members of this commission work on the topic of agriculture and the development of rural areas. Rural areas constitute a significant territory of Europe (51.3 % in 2012). As MIJARC Europe is a network of rural youth organizations, we are promoting and working to obtain a present and a future for the youth in rural areas. We promote livable rural areas, with infrastructure and opportunities for youth. Rural life and communities are spaces for engagement, the roots of our local groups. Rural life is marked by different economic activities, among which agriculture has a significant role. We defend agriculture which:

  • is sustainable;
  • gives opportunities to youth to get involved and have a future in rural areas;
  • o secures affordable and fair prices for farmers and consumers;
  • o is based on the concept of food sovereignty.

2. Commission on peace and living an interconnected world
We are a European network in a world organization: MIJARC World. We are well aware of the challenges we are facing in the 21st century in an interconnected world. Within the EU and outside of the EU, the economic competition leads to a race of the cheapest. This leads us to a too intensive use of land, energy, and to the exploitation of humans. We promote cooperation with our neighbors to increase the respect of the earth, land, biodiversity and high social standards.

3. Commission on citizenship and youth participation

As a youth organization with young people speaking up for their rights and interests as active citizens, we will support young people to grow in their role in society. Our work is based on non-formal education methods, with which we offer opportunities to develop skills and strengthen the empowerment of young people.

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