Under the summer sun of the Maltese island of Gozo, 35 young people raised their voices to alert everybody on the rising average temperature causing climate changes. They did this during our international summer campRising temperatures, rising voices” which took place between 18th – 24th August.

Infographic Summer CampAs the second international activity of our annual work plan, the summer camp was built on the results of the international seminar and prepared the participants for the next phase, local campaigns. This is why they started their work with the presentation of the results of the online training course and the seminar, reading the manual of the TC and the position paper created by their peers at the seminar, watching the messages they had recorded and the playing a clue game designed during the seminar. The aim was for everybody to get familiar with the topic and the progress of our work plan in order to be able to plan its final phase: a common European concept of a campaign on climate change that they could each implement in their country.

The first day ended with a session on successful climate change campaigns across the globe which gave the participants plenty of ideas and stimulated the discussions on what makes a campaign successful. The second day took the participants out in the streets to interact directly with the locals and the tourist and get a taste of what is the general perception on climate change. For this activity they prepared a short questionnaire to use in their interviews asking random people how they perceived climate change and how it affected them. At the return at the venue, each team presented to each other their findings and discussed on the found points. In the afternoon the participants were introduced to the concepts of “logo” and “slogan” and the different visual elements to be taken in consideration when building a campaign. Based on the information received and critically analysing what were their aims for the campaign, the participants came up with a slogan and a logo for the campaign: “Do you want another?” with the logo representing the earth in a cocktail shape with a straw.

^7B5536BEE2BD8F29DFD45D27A86BA8D19D5C343AC10AD85C12^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrThe fourth day was dedicated to learning how to put pressure on politicians and how to use a campaign in order to do this. The participants were split in two groups and each of them received one scenario for a debate. Prior to the debate the participants were given the time to prepare their pro and con arguments. The next session was dedicated to exploring the online and offline instruments of a campaign. The participants were split in two groups: one group focused on building a website for the campaign and ways to update it regularly while the other group designed different tools for the campaign. They created a flash mob, a video experiment on the streets of Gozo, a song, a poster and a flyer. The final day was dedicated to the planning of the local campaigns, as the participants were split in national groups and thought of how they could use the tools they had created in order to raise awareness on climate change in their movement and communities. The summer camp ended with a fun farewell party and many promises to keep in touch once everybody was back home.

The website of the campaign was updated regularly by some of the delegations and you can read their thoughts, opinions and the results of their local actions here.

Summer camp website: risingtemperaturesrisingvoices.net